MRI Imaging Probes and Contrast Agents

BioPAL is a leading provider of novel MRI imaging probes and contrast agents directed toward the needs of the life science, research community. We offer a wide range of gadolinium-based (T1 imaging agent) and iron-based (T2 imaging agent) MRI contrast reagents for preclinical applications.

BioPAL is also developing products for other imaging systems, such as near infrared, nuclear imaging and CT. Commercialized products are listed below.


Preclinical imaging probes and nanoprobes for magnetic resonance imaging (MIR) imaging.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Products

Below is a listing of gadolinium (T1) MRI imaging products and iron (T2) MRI imaging products. Follow the green GO TO button for specific product descriptions and technical information, as well as pricing and ordering information, for each product.

Gadolinium (T1) MRI imaging agents

Gadolinium-DTPA (Gado-DTPA™)

Gadolinium-labeled Albumin (Galbumin™)

Gadolinium-labeled IgG

Gadolinium-labeled Protein A


Gadolinium-labeled Polylysine

Gado CELLTrack™ (Cell Labeling)

Protein Labeling Kits

Molecular Imaging and Tracking Technology

gadolinium-DTPA for preclinical imaging
gadolinium labeled albumin for preclinical imaging
gadolinium IgG for preclinical imaging

gadolinium nanoparticle for blood flow MRI imaging
gadolinium labeled poly-l-ysine for preclinical MRI imaging
gadolinium nanoparticle for cell labeling and MRI imaging
gadolinium protein labeling kit
gd-dtpa elisa kit

MRI contrast agents for preclinical research. BioPAL’s MRI contrast agents and probes can be use in all magnetic resonance imaging systems. Our MRI contrast agents are not for human use. Gadolinium and iron (USPIO) are available for use as MRI contrast agent and MRI probes. Vascular MRI imaging agents, cell labeling imaging agents, and probes having functional surfaces are available for MRI contrast.

Iron (T2) MRI imaging agents

Vascular Imaging Agents (USPIO)

Cell Labeling and Tracking Agents

USPIOs with Functionalized Surfaces

Click Chemistry USPIO - Azide

Molday ION™ Family of Products

Molday ION Rhodamine B™ (MIRB)

Molday LION™ Neutron Activation Analysis




Dual MRI and PET/SPECT Imaging

Dual MRI and Near-IR Cell Labeling Agent

Prussian Blue Reagent Pack

iron nanoparticle for vascular mri imaging
iron nanoparticles for mri cell labeling and tracking
iron nanoparticle for conjugations and preclinical mri
iron nanoparticle a uspio having click chemistry
uspio and mion iron nanoparticles for preclinical mri
uspio iron nanoparticle for cell labeling and mri imaging

iron micropsheres for preclinical mri imaging
uspio for blood pooling mri imaging
iron micropsheres for preclinical mri imaging
nanoparticle for mri and nuclear imaging and cell labeling
mri and optical imaging agent for cell labeling and tracking

MRI imaging agents and probes for sale. We offer gadolinium imaging agents and iron USPIO or SPIO or superparamagnetic particles for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

To obtain a comprehensive price list of all BioPAL's MRI imaging products, download the PDF file.

BioPAL sells MRI imaging agents and probes, both gadolinium imaging agents and iron nanoparticles for cell labeling and tracking and for mr imaging (MRI).

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