Iron MRI imaging contrast agents (USPIO)

Technical Information

Molday ION™ is a 30 nm iron oxide-based superparamagnetic (USPIO) T2 relaxation-darkening MRI contrast agent. Molday ION, an intravascular contrast agent, has a blood half-life of several hours and can be used in a wide range of cardiovascular and vascular research.

BioPAL has developed many different surface modification to Molday ION that enable researchers to address unique MRI imaging challenges, which in turn has developed into a family of Molday ION products.

For example, Molday ION™ C6Amine is engineered to have terminal amino groups with a C6 spacer. It is designed for cell labeling and allows for efficient labeling with ligands, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids (RNAi, DNA, etc.). As a result, new biological properties can be conferred to the MRI reagent, such as targeting to a specific receptor site.

Molday ION™ Carboxyl Terminated nano-magnetite is specifically designed for conjugating your ligand, peptide, antibody, and protein using water soluble carbadiimide. This USPIO is designed so that it is not bound to or internalized by cells allowing cell labeling exclusively from your conjugated ligand. This product is well suited for MRI cell targeting experiments!

Molday ION Rhodamine B™ (MIRB), Molday ION EverGreen™, Molday ION Coumarin™are are designed for cell labeling and tracking and require no transfection reagents for efficient cell labeling. The three USPIO colloids are cross-linked for stability and labeled with the fluorescent dyes Rhodamine B, EverGreen, or Coumarin exhibiting red, green and blue fluorescence, respectively.

Molday ION™ (-) a negative USPIO colloid formulated for labeling cells using Poly-L-Lysine.

Molday ION™ Rose Bengal the first commercially available theranostic for research applications. And much more...


Iron MRI imaging products, USPIOs and iron containing nanoparticles are provided by BioPAL. We offers USPIO and SPIO products to label cells. We have iron nanoprobes for vascular MRI imaging. BioPAL also has iron containing micropsheres for MRI.

The Product

For a complete list of the Molday ION™ family of products, please download the PDF file containing BioPAL's comprehensive price list below. This listing contains specific packing information, pricing and product descriptions for each Molday ION product.

Molday ION™ Family of Products

Researchers can order several of Molday ION™ products online using the add-to-cart button below. Alternatively, researchers can phone, fax or e-mail a purchasing request to BioPAL. These instructions can be found on the main navigation bar above.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) Data Sheet MSDS  
CL-30Q02-2 Molday ION™ $275.00
CL-30Q02-A2 Molday ION™ Autoclaved $300.00
CL-50Q02-2 Molday ION™ - 50nm $275.00
CL-70Q02-2 Molday ION™ - 70nm $275.00
CL-20Q02-3 Molday ION™ Aminodextran $275.00
CL-30Q02-5 Molday ION™ CLIOH $475.00
CL-30Q02-7 Molday ION™ Carboxyl $275.00
CL-30Q02-6 Molday ION™ (-) $300.00
CL-30Q02-6C Molday ION™ Carboxyl Terminated $395.00
CL-30Q02-CA Molday ION™ Carboxyl/Amine Terminated $475.00
CL-50Q02-6A-0 Molday ION™ Dye Free $375.00
CL-50Q02-6A-50 Molday ION™ Rhodamine B $450.00
CL-50Q02-6A-51 Molday ION™ EverGreen $450.00
CL-50Q02-6A-52 Molday ION™ Coumarin $450.00
CL-50Q02-6A-53 Molday ION™ Rose Bengal $450.00
CL-50Q02-6C-54 Molday ION™ Biotin $475.00
CL-160Q01-22 Molday ION™ StreptAvidin $550.00
CL-30Q01-57 Molday ION™ DOTA $350.00
CL-01-50 Prussian Blue Reagent Pack $65.00
CL-00-01 Poly-L-Lysine $60.00

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