Nuclear Imaging Agents

BioPAL offers a growing selection of in vivo imaging tools for preclinical nuclear imaging systems. Several of our products have dual detection capabilities, such dual Nuclear and MRI imaging. In addition, BioPAL has partnered with Molecular Targeting Technologies (MTT) to offer our customers novel nuclear imaging tools that can aid in your research activities.


BioPAL offers optical imaging agents and Nuclear probes for PET and SPECT preclinical imaging. BioPAL sells nuclear imaging agents for cell labeling for preclinical imaging applications.

Nuclear Imaging (PET & SPECT) Products

Below is a listing of nuclear imaging products. Following the green GO TO button for specific product descriptions and technical information, as well as pricing and ordering information, for each product.

Dual MRI and PET/SPECT Imaging

Click Chemistry Nanoparticle

HYNIC-Duramycin Kit

Glucarate Kit

florescent labeling albumin for optical imaging
florescent labeling nanoparticl for optical cell labeling and imaging
florescent nanoparticle for conjugations and optical imaging
florescent nanoparticle for conjugations and optical imaging

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Preclinical optical imaging agents and optical probes for near-IR imaging. Near infrared imaging agents for cell labeling and NIR and opticlly-labeled albumin for fluorescent imaging and NIR imaging probes.

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