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BioPAL offers a panel of unique products to aid researchers develope cellular-based products and therapies. The first is a cell purification product and the second is a line of magnetic reagents designed to label cells.

Panel 1: Viahance is designed to enhance the viability ratio of live to dead cells in cell culture through removal of dead cells and cellular debris using magnetic negative selection. Viahance removes dead cells, stripped nuclei and free oligonucleotides. Competing dead cell separation kits only remove dead cells. The ability to remove dead cells, stripped nuclei, and free oligonucleotides from cell culture will increase cell culture viability, improve data quality and favorably impact downstream results. As important, Viahance is provided autoclaved and does not contain foreign proteins, such as Annexin-V. As cellular-based platforms move into clinical practice, the use of sterile and pyrogen free reagents will prove to be a regulatory necessity.

Panel 2: Molday ION family of cell labeling and tracking products are ultrasmall nanoparticles having a magnetite core. The surface of these particles are engineered to enable rapid and efficient cellular uptake. Once labeled, cells can be tracked using MRI imaging technology. Because labeled cells are magnetic, targeting and retention of therapeutic cells can be achieved using magnetic fields. These products are provided autoclaved.


Panel 1 - Cell Purification Products

Viahance™ is provided as a 2 ml or a 10 ml fill, which can purify approximately 20 or 100 cell samples, respectively. Separation can be achieved using a simple button-magnet source. Therefore, expensive magnetic filters are not required.
For large-scale applications or for licensing requests, please inquire.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) Manual Data Sheet MSDS  
CP-50VQ02 Viahance™ - Small $200.00
CP-50VQ10 Viahance™ - Large $850.00

Panel 2 - Magnetic Cell Labeling and Tracking Products

Molday ION Dye Free™ and Molday ION Rhodamine B™ (MIRB) are both 35 nm iron-based superparamagnetic contrast agents (USPIO) each packaged in a 2 ml bottle. The outer surface of these particles are specifically designed to permit cellular uptake without the need for transfection agents. Once labeled, cells can be tracked using MRI and magnetically trapped using magnetic fields. An example protocol is provided below as a PDF download. Additional cell labeling and tracking products can be found within our MRI products page .
Both products are provided autoclaved. For large-scale applications or for licensing requests, please inquire.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) Protocol Data Sheet MSDS  
CL-50Q02-A6A-0 Molday ION Dye Free™ $450.00
CL-50Q02-A6A-50 Molday ION Rhodamine B™ $475.00

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