Effective Renal Blood Flow (FIT-RBF) Test

Technical Information

Based on functional immunoassay technology (FIT™), FIT-RBF™ kits provide a superior analytical method to measure effective renal blood flow. BioPAL's FIT-RBF test, whose analytical segment uses immunoassay, overcomes all the major limitations associated with current analytical technology. The presence of a GFR marker, such as Inulin, Iohexol, Gd-DTPA or Gd-DOTA, in the sample will not affect the accuracy of the FIT-RBF measurement. Therefore, researchers can simultaneously obtain a GFR and RBF measurement in the same subject using BioPAL's FIT kits.

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the measure of the total volume of plasma actually filtered through the glomerulus per unit of time, while the effective renal blood flow (RBF) is the measure of the total volume of plasma passing through the kidney per unit time. These two measurements can be obtained simultaneously using FIT and allows researchers the ability to calculate the renal filtration fraction (FF). The FF is the ratio of the GFR and RBF and represents the amount of plasma/blood flowing through the kidney that is actually being filtered. These are three fundamental measurements in the field of nephrology.


The Product

BioPAL offers a FIT-RBF (ELISA) kits that measures the clearance of iodohippurate in collected blood and urine samples.

FIT-RBF Test Kit for Iodohippurate

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