Molecular Imaging and Tracking Technology

Technical Information

Molecular Imaging and Tracking Technology (FIT-MITT™) provides researchers with a universal method to image by MRI and quantify by immunoassay compounds-of-interest. By sequential sampling, the kinetic clearance or uptake of the compound can be determined. FIT-MITT™ is a two component process. First, using BioPAL's labeling kit or labeling service, the researcher covalently labels the compound-of-interest with either a Gd-DTPA or a Gd-DOTA tag. Second, using BioPAL's FIT-MITT™ kit, the tag on the compound-of-interest is measured in collected samples, such as blood or urine, using immunoassay technology. BioPAL's antibody reagent can also be used in standard immuno-histochemisty techniques.

Examples of compounds that can be labeled and tracked by FIT-MITT™ include, but are not limited to: peptides, proteins, antibodies, liposomes, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, RNAi or siRNA probes) or new drug entities. Applications include drug discovery, drug delivery, molecular biology, molecular imaging, in vivo and in vitro high throughput screening.

This universal tagging technology offers many advantages: (1) FIT-MITT is a rapid and low cost method to evaluate and screen new compounds, (2) immunoassay is a widely used and available technology, (3) the test is highly sensitive, (4) the chelate tags (Gd-DTPA or Gd- DOTA) are stable in vivo, (5) two different labels are available and can be quantified in the same sample, (6) both Gd-DTPA and Gd-DOTA have an exemplary safety profile and are clinically used as MRI contrast reagents, (7) this approach allows researchers the ability to image labeled compounds using MRI or (8) using immuno-histochemisty techniques.


The Product

BioPAL offers labeling kits that support either Gd-DTPA or Gd-DOTA (ProTRACK™) and offers the ELISA kits (FIT-MITT™) that support either Gd-DTPA or Gd-DOTA. Labeling kits and ELISA kits are sold separately.

Researchers can order the protein labeling kits and FIT-MITT ELISA kits on-line. Two buffers that are required for performing the ELISA are also offered for on-line purchasing. Additional ELISA kit components are available and can be order by contacting BioPAL. A complete ELISA kit price list is available below.

Cat. No. Product Name Price (US) MSDS  
PL-00P01 PROTrack™ Gadolinium (DOTA) $600.00
PL-00P02 PROTrack™ Gadolinium (DTPA) $600.00
PL-00P03 PROTrack™ Gadolinium (DOTA) - II $675.00
FIT-0115 FIT-MITT™ Kit (Gd-DTPA) $600.00
FIT-0215 FIT-MITT™ Kit (Gd-DOTA) $600.00
FIT-0001 Standard and Sample Diluent $25.00
FIT-0005 Wash Buffer Concentrate $30.00



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